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ID light compatible with navigating in Apple/Google Maps?

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Does anybody know whether the ID Light, which works with the onboard navigation to indicate an upcoming turn, will work when using Apple or Google Maps with CarPlay/Android Auto?
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I'd like to know this for sure as well. I've read both that it does work, and that it doesn't.
This recent review suggests that it may..?
Android Auto and Apple Car Play, especially wirelessly, is amazing. The VW ID.4 is also the first vehicle I’ve driven where it’ll show turn-by-turn directions in the instrument cluster from an Apple Car Play or Android Auto sources like Waze or Google Maps.
I think @ID.Furkan confirmed that it works in the instrument cluster, but does not activate the ID.Light.
That's a bummer. It seems like, if the instrument cluster can recognize upcoming turns from a 3rd-party map, the ID.Light should be able to as well? Maybe a future update..?
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