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In three steps to the VW.os - VW Electronic Architectures (1.1, 1.2 & 2.0)

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I found this article pretty interesting (and detailed) in terms of VW's #NEWAUTO software strategy: Vw. OS (2025): Three Architectures, Android Automotive | AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT (

Of interest, perhaps, is this passage for us existing ID series owners:

A word about the time-consuming and expensive triple work (1.1, 1.2 and 2.0): Updates between the systems (and thus also the vehicle platforms) are excluded. In other words, if you sit in a VW ID.3, you have no chance of the "real" VW. OS and version 2.0 in the car. But, and this is important to the Cariad developers: Many of the new features and improvements that are being developed for version 2.0, for example, will also be available in the 1.1 or 1.2 cars with a little delay.
Emphasis mine.

That is encouraging.

It also sounds like VW is forking Android Automotive for the E3 1.2 platform (and roundtripping Android Play Store access via a VW account).


Adam J. Cook
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If the old way of thinking is "you got the car that you bought," meaning not to expect too much in the way of upgrades, but now VW is telling us "expect upgrades," then the sane expectation would be to accept the general capabilities of the car we bought, but maybe a bit more spit 'n polish as we walk the update path together. No amount of updates will convert the ID.4 into an autonomous mobility robot, nor increase the screen resolution, nor add two additional window switches, but I'm perfectly content (and expect!) to see what refinements they can work out with the hardware we have.
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This is where I find it gets interesting.

Continental has a subsidiary called Elektrobit which focuses on software development.

Elektrobit has a joint venture with Cariad called that worked on the ID.3 software (and presumably our ID.4 software since it's all one-in-the-same).

Cariad is, of course, VW's subsidiary software team.

Putting all of this together, my impression is that this resource-sharing structure allows VW to bring Continental's software expertise into the VW camp, and allows a progressive transition towards VW's all in-house software development team to press ahead with its 2025 target without any hard cut-over transitions.
Well we all know the ID.3 software was a disaster for VW in that it caused the car to be delayed and was incomplete at launch. Many of the press releases from these various companies are dated mid 2019 and even 2020. If you'll recall, early 2020 saw "sky is falling" news reports stating ID.3 software development was rushed and poorly planned, various systems inside the car weren't playing together well, and the car was due to launch that summer.

It sounds like either VW completely underestimated this task, or they hastily got this team together late in the game to catch up. Or both!
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