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Inductive charging (of car) compared to connector robot

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I wonder which will be more practical. Here's an inductive charger using a Roomba-like robot to get itself into position.

Elon said a couple of years ago that Tesla would have a snake robot plug-in system, but it appears to be typical vaporware.

Question is, which one would be more practical. I could see a fairly simple robot that could plug in my at-home connector if I were energetic enough to make it and simultaneously lazy enough to think it worth the effort. Would be nice to be able to just drive into the garage, though. :unsure:
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Inductive charging systems often have 1) low power and 2) pretty high losses. Nobody cares when it's a phone charger but they'll care a lot when it's a 10kW EV charger.
Maybe, but they are advertising that it's not that bad. Maybe it depends on how close you can get the surfaces, which could be zero inches--direct contact--if the Roomba lifted it up against the car when in position.
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