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IQ Drive

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It is what it is, BUT would you rather IQD were optional? Sounds like it's a waste, especially for experienced drivers. I promise I'm not a crazy driver lol Wonder how cheaper the base model would be.
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I love it also! The car basically drives itself and I was definitely not expecting that. I was shocked when the steering took over (while my hands are on the wheel) to ensure I am right in between the 2 lanes no matter if it was a bank, turn, or straightaway. I am very impressed at this technology...FYI the newest car I ever drove before this was a 2011 Nissan Frontier and 2008 BMW M3.
It's great tech in deed! But pls be careful, I've had several instances where the turn was of higher degree of curves where the lane centering function disengaged to where I had to take full control of the steering wheel.
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