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issues: charging, assist alerts, infotainment, lights

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After 3rd trip to dealer service, my new FE (first edition) still has issues. Barely 6 weeks old. Infotainment sys froze on 1st day - returned and got loaner for 10 days of diagnostics, order part and install (whole new 12" infoscreen was on backorder). A few days later - "side assist & rear traffic alert" alarm came on. 4 days in service department and a reset (nothing replaced). 2 days later, same alarm is back. Took it to another vw dealer whose only electric tech was out sick beginning the day I scheduled visit and has not come back 4 days later. So I picked up the car that sat in shop and asked to be called when he returned. Very disappointed in VW! In the mean time, I've discovered the charging issue was not me, but a faulty "location & scheduling" issue as I read about in these forums. Also, automatic headlight sometimes says "turn off manually" when parking to get out. Then there's the interior lights that refuse to come on automatically or manually at times. Thanks for the forum, I've read for many hours the issues others are having, many like mine, and the so called easy fixes. I've also learned that this car I love is not worth the trouble and barring some amazing fix from vw, I will sell mine as soon as I get it fixed like some others I know have done!
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I am sorry you have had so many issues. The right thing to do is for VW to offer you another car or a refund. But as we all know, it is rare that a car dealer does the right thing. I feel VW rushed this model into production without due diligence, thus there are many bugs to work out. If VW does not fix these issues with the ID4 it is going to come back to bite them in the butt, like diesel gate! And I see some class action legal action coming. In mine I have had systems shut down and then come back on. Just yesterday the voice command stopped working and then later when I restarted it worked again. I sometimes I feel I am in a Dickens novel, "it was the best of times it was the worst of times."
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