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Just ordered Pro S AWD

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The waiting's going to be the hardest part, but I'm very excited for my Pro S AWD to arrive (mid-2022, if the estimate provided during the ordering process proves correct). Several posts on this site came up as #1 answers on Google when I was researching prior to my purchase, so I'm looking forward to being part of the group and continuing to glean from (and contribute to) the community. Cheers!
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Congrats! That's awesome. When did you order?
You will love the car. We have the 1st Addition RWD and placed an order for the 2022 model ProS Jan 10th. Not to blow your bubble but I think you will be looking at fall or winter before you get the AWD. With 2021 orders that were bumped to 2002 models and the ship at sea burning several models, I just don’t see any new delivery orders until late fall. We placed the order in Jan and two months later still haven’t locked. They estimate 4 to 6 months after lock, but it’s worth the wait
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