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Lane assist, front assist and road sign assist error message ID.3 [v2.3 OTA update procedure]

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Hey guys, got my ID3 Life in May and have not experienced any big issues with it yet. But the day before yesterday I started my car and got three error messages in a row and that was: lane assist, front assist and the road sign assist not working.
I haven’t done anything about it yet and I keep getting these error messages every time I start the car.
Has anyone experienced the same problem and know how to solve it?
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This is very helpful. Mystery solved! These errors occurred to me last week on vacation so I took it by VW when I returned and they set up an appointment in two weeks ! Meanwhile, the update downloaded at the same time. I am just waiting for some free time to install the update.

I’ve watched many videos by batterylife and I think they are great.

Thank you very much.
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