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Lane Keeping Assist doesn’t like yellow lines?

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I’ve been driving my id4 for about a month now and while LKA does well in between dashed or solid white lines, it doesn’t seem to do well with the solid yellow of the inner lane. Instead, it seems to want to use the k-wall which can be a little too close then there’s not a shoulder. Has anyone else experienced this? Similar issue with double white lines that denote the carpool lane. I wonder if it can be improved upon.
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Oh thanks for the explanation. Us that in the manual? Poor color choice in that case. Maybe good for europe who has no yellow lanes. Red would work better then I guess.
I think more accurately the display turns yellow when lane keep assist actively engages to pull you back into the lane.

On a related note I got to experience what the car does when you try to change lanes when it thinks a car is next to you. Blinker on, the light on the side mirror is blinking rapidly but the car was back enough that I could fit. When you try to change lanes the car very aggressively tries to keep you in your lane. I had to apply a lot of force on the steering wheel to get over to the other lane. Pretty cool feature that I can see being useful when not fully paying attention or fail to see a car in your blind spot.
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