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Lane Keeping Assist doesn’t like yellow lines?

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I’ve been driving my id4 for about a month now and while LKA does well in between dashed or solid white lines, it doesn’t seem to do well with the solid yellow of the inner lane. Instead, it seems to want to use the k-wall which can be a little too close then there’s not a shoulder. Has anyone else experienced this? Similar issue with double white lines that denote the carpool lane. I wonder if it can be improved upon.
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I have found that Travel Assist doesn't like shadows unless you are in constant shadow or constant sunlight. I drive on a two lane road frequently that is lined on both sides by tall mostly pine trees. In the mornings it is the east side trees that cast a shadow across the road and the west side trees in late afternoons. If I am driving into only a couple of shadows on a sunny day no problem, the car handles it well. If it is an area where there is a constant in/out section of shadow and direct sun the Travel Assist loses it's mind. You might call this an area of strobe effect or maybe picket fencing. Travel Assist just can't handle it. This is a constant thing, not a one time glitch. I just don't use Travel Assist when in this situation.
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