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Lane Keeping Assist doesn’t like yellow lines?

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I’ve been driving my id4 for about a month now and while LKA does well in between dashed or solid white lines, it doesn’t seem to do well with the solid yellow of the inner lane. Instead, it seems to want to use the k-wall which can be a little too close then there’s not a shoulder. Has anyone else experienced this? Similar issue with double white lines that denote the carpool lane. I wonder if it can be improved upon.
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I would agree. Also sometimes the lane is marked yellow on the screen so I thought it recognizes the actual yellow lane but then it goes back to green or white again
A yellow lane on screen means your driving too close to the line. No correlation to the actual color of the road marki.
Oh thanks for the explanation. Us that in the manual? Poor color choice in that case. Maybe good for europe who has no yellow lanes. Red would work better then I guess.
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Ok i tried again on the hwy. Travel assist was active. Green lines on display. I pull slowly to the left lane. Green lanes disappear but the left line never got yellow or red. Then I did approach the yellow line on the left. Nothing happens never got yellow line. Basically i have no idea what the yellow line means but it seems it has nothing to do with me approaching the lane
I have never noticed any difference with what the car does with different color lines on the road.
on a 300 mi trip i tried many times to get a yellow line again but could not manage. seems something special
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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