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the Buzz technically applies but I think it’s more a retro/halo car that will be a 5-6 year flash in the pan like the New Beetle once the nostalgia wears off. Minivan market has largely been eaten up by the midsize CUV.
Possibly, but consider form factor. Electrification means the hood – the whole front end of the car – can be completely rethough, ex. snub noses on the ID.3 and i3. What if, instead of the Buzz being thought of as a retro design, it's received for what it really is: a forward-looking reimagination of how to best maximize usable interior space for a given wheelbase or body length? A 3-row SUV without the hood?

The long wheelbase Buzz will be 195 inches, vs Kia EV9 at 194, and Volvo EX90 at 198.
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