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...another Phaeton situation...
Have you been reading my thoughts? This has been exactly my thinking all along as ID.Buzz pricing has been repeatedly hinted to be north of $50K.

As to the Kia EV9, I can hear my sister's words echo in my head from our most recent phone chat, "Not another SUV!" She owns a Tesla S from the first production and is sort of complaining that "It runs like a 10-year-old computer, which is what it is, basically." She inferred that it's an OK daily driver, but needs too much attention as little things break from age alone; it only has 44K on it. She sort of pooh-poohed the ID.4, "I don't want a crossover, really."

She's considering the EV6, but I wouldn't touch a Kia with a ten-foot pole. Recent models (ICE, of course) have a really bad rep in our region for being theft targets because they don't have ignition disablers. A recent crime wave is directly tied to teens stealing Kias and Hyundais to commit gun shop thefts and carjackings, and Kia/Hyundai has refused to retrofit or offer real solutions to owners. I don't reward bad corporate behavior.
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