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Quite handsome!

Outside the Rivian R1S, Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQS I don't think there are any other true 3 row EV's (Model Y and MB EQB with their little toddler sized 3rd rows don't count IMO). Kia beat everyone else to the market for a "moderately" priced 3 row EV CUV, they will sell them faster than they can make them.
Not moderately priced, but don't forget the Volvo EX90. We will be putting a reservation on the EV9 ASAP, and then decide between the Volvo and the Kia when the time comes. My wife likes the styling of the Volvo more, I like the estimated price of the Kia more, but I am waiting to see range on both. The one with 300 miles with AWD wins for me. I have a very early Volvo reservation, so chance are could get either about the same time.

If VW had the ID.6 here, or even better an Atlas sized ID.8, that would probably be our choice.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts