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Leasing and Battery Recycling

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An interesting comment about leasing from VW at the Munich Auto Show this week. "Scott Keogh, CEO of VW Group of America, chimed in to say that since the ID. 4 began arriving in the US in March, about 80% of the 6,230 VW ID.4s sold in the US have been leased." They also elaborated on leasing and battery recycling. You can read the whole thing here.
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I'm surprised it's 80% leased... Guess I'm a minority who purchased/financed.
I'm not,

There are likely a bunch of people that won't or can't be able to take advantage of the full value of the Federal Tax Credit (as it is only for the tax year of the purchase). Under a lease the Car Manufacture or leasing agency gets to use the Federal Tax Credit, and passes the value of the Tax Credit to the lessee instantaneously. At the end of the lease the Lessee can buy the car out under the terms of the lease and effectively used the Tax Credit without actually claiming it.

Personally, I purchased as I needed to reduce my taxable income as I just sold some property and have a Capital Gain. For me it was better to invest money in a car instead of paying it to the government in taxes.

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