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Level 1 stock charger in the rain?

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Read in the manual that it shouldn’t be immersed in water does that mean if it gets rained on it will fail? It will be raining here for the next four days and I would love to do some 120v charging (the 240v charger won’t be installed for a week)
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Square white box should be protected from water and direct exposure to hot ......rain.
Protect this and extension cable and J1772 adapter is water proof. So you can use it in the winter....snow....rain no issues....but don't try to wash EV and apply pressured water around the charging port. If it happens that is stuck frozen.....heat up cotton towel in the dryer and apply over the J1772 adapter and charging port. Wait for 5 minutes and see if you can brake it loose.
This is a frequent question on all EV forums, but these things are designed to be operated in weather. I've seen on other EV forums that people have made little covers to keep snow from catching in the battery port, but it is simply a convenience, not a safety issue.
There is no issues with rain or snow on the charging port while charging and been exposed to this elements. But possible ice builds and J1772 adapter getting stuck frozen are possible in extreme conditions.
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