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LUCID Store @ Yorkdale Mall. TO.

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Very clever integrated exhaust vent to remove heat from the LED headlights
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Cool dashboard and centre stack display screen. The layout reminds me of the Taycan/e-tron GT.
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I haven't seen any Lucid up this way yet. But, I've seen more of the Taycan and e-tron GT in Vaughan, Markham & Richmond Hill.
By the way did anyone notice wrinkles on seat in post #2? I know in show room many people sit in and out but I hope Quality is not an issue.
Good eye. I totally missed that. I don't know how many people have sat in the driver's seat since the opening day in Mar. '22. But, regardless, there shouldn't be any wrinkles on the seat cushion side bolsters for a car costing over $100k.
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Looks stunning, I have not seen any in the wild so far.
Yes lots of Taycans, at least 10-15 around Oakville/Mississauga area.
Agreed, and I haven't seen one in the wild either. However, it would be tough for the Lucid to compete w/ the Taycans, & e-tron GTs. Those Germans cost a lot less than the Lucid. IMHO, the Lucid & MS have less presence on the road than those Germans. If, I had the money I know which one I would buy.
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