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Use caution if thinking about placing a Mach-E order while still deciding, the refund process ranges from easy, one day to no refunds for some dealerships.

My first reservation for RWD was canceled to go to an AWD reservation. The first cancellation was a minor nightmare. Dealer said call Ford, Ford said, NO, call dealer. Ford said just click on the cancel button, but there was no cancel button. I suspect the dealer controls the cancel button, because after lots of exchanges and the dealer said they submitted the cancellation forms, a "cancel" button first appeared for my first reservation, and I got the refund a day or two later. It took two weeks to get the refund, but there was no question that the dealer would allow it.

When thinking about canceling the second AWD reservation, I got an indication that the $500 deposit would no longer be refundable between the stages of "order accepted by dealer" and "order placed for manufacturing". Some have lost the $500 deposit. I said I was starting to lean back to buying an ID.4, and that was too risky, so, at my request, the manager canceled my second reservation from his computer (there never was a cancel button on my reservation page). I received the second $500 refund a few days later. (he said the first person used the wrong procedures for mach-e orders / reservations.)

There are many tens (possibly hundreds now) of reviews now including U.S. buyers finally receiving their cars. One of the best forums for those wanting more Mach-E is "whats new".

It looks like a good car, but for me, the MSRP, Premium AWD, extended range "4 EX" (infinite blue!) was too much, something like $56,800 for the one I had spec'd. I spent some time in one, the exact model and color I reserved, when the demos came through here. No test drives, or rides, but they let you press as many buttons as you wanted, and answered all questions, including candid experiences with winter range (no surprises, but the honesty was refreshing). The Mach-E was nice, not sure it was $56k+ nice to my view. A Mach-E remains high on my list of cars I'd like to try out for a year or two, maybe someday in the future, possibly something like a discounted previous year's model. Of course if Tesla gets back the federal subsidy, all of these prices will likely drop.
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