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Maintenance Schedule / Cost

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Does anyone have a real Maintenance schedule / estimated cost of Maintenance for the ID.4

All I can find are jokes about only needing to change wiper blades and air filters.

Surely there must be some stuff that needs to be inspected, filled, lubed, etc.

Thank you!
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That is ridiculous!

Can we do our own maintenece and not void the warranty on this car? Wow! Thank you!
If you keep records of work and parts used with dates......there will be no reason to void warranty.
But for any more complex repairs it will cost you a lot to have necessary tools..scanner and etc.
And great knowledge in repairs of VW ID EV.
EV in general will have overtime issues with electric pumps.....electric coolant heaters....cabin heater....blowers.....every couple years brake fluid depending on how harsh winter is ....disc and pads.
What is way more cheaper and very easy to repair.
Half shafts wheel bearings are rare occurrence.
Tires will be most issues because of instant torque and still under development true EV tires.
Propulsion unit and battery pack if not abused will run easily 15+ years
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