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Mountain drive tracking / general EV tracking tool

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Hello everyone. New to EVs here. My wife and I live in Golden, CO and our biggest hesitation (along with a lot of people we know) to EVs was winter and mountain range performance. I am floating the idea of tracking metrics on our drives in the mountains to better understand how far we can go, and maybe share them on our blog so other drivers in cold/mountainous areas (in particular drivers in CO making the exact same trips) can use this information, especially with the ID.4 being a newer vehicle and there's not as much info out there as there are for e.g. teslas.

My primary questions are:
  • Is there a place already doing this? I'd be happy to upload my driving metrics to something to help track this information.
  • If I continue with this, what would be useful to see? To begin I am thinking:
    • High level:
      • Tires - we plan on swapping to 18" wheels with winter tires in the winter
      • Model - we have a RWD Pro; different wheels, tires, range, drivetrain etc.
    • trip level:
      • Starting and ending location (segments - thinking now it is most valuable to see individual segments, and maybe describe the trip as a whole as well if we stop and charge)
      • Distance
      • starting battery
      • ending battery
      • Net elevation change
      • efficiency
      • temperature
      • If we have any accessories (e.g. bike rack, ski rack)
Again, new to EVs so if there is any fundamental information that might be nice to include I could definitely be overlooking it. This is something like what the table would look like with some preliminary information from my wife's drive today:

Thinking it will be most valuable as temps cool off and we enter the first winter with the ID.4, and will be interesting to see the same drives at different temperatures. Thanks in advance for any input.
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I recently drove from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista, spent the night, drove to the Mt Yale trailhead, and drove back to Colorado Springs. Left with the battery around 97% and arrived home at 16%. I ran the A/C the whole time and didn't work hard to drive efficiently, generally about 5mph over the limit and passed 2 or 3 slower drivers. There's a good bit of elevation change, I was very pleased with the efficiency!

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