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My AWD order was canceled?!?

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Odd, I had two orders (two trim levels, two different dealers) just to see which one would move first.

The first order I placed shows up as status 99 and says canceled in the API response, the portal page throws an error message saying to contact VW Customer Care when I try to load that car. Though the order I placed two days later for the Gradient package is still looking fine... Both were locked and at 15-1 last I checked.

(Speed wise, the Gradient locked way faster, put the Pro S went to 15-1 a couple days before the Gradient.)

Have to call them tomorrow to see what is up... I kinda want the Pro S more than the Gradient as I don't care for the silver trim (but will take whatever I can get).
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Did you use the same contact information when ordering? Name, email, etc? It sounds like VW is catching on and cancelling orders that may be "doubled". Interesting they didn't cancel your Gradient order, but rather the normal one.

I'm just surmising though. Who knows what actually happened 🤷🏽‍♂️
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