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My Initial Impressions

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I picked up this ID.4 FE from Brunswick Auto Mart on Monday. Here are my initial impressions:

  • I was not a fan of the touch sensitive buttons at first. They were difficult to use and I often made mistakes with them, but it was a bit of a learning curve. Now I quite enjoy them.
  • This thing turns heads everywhere.
  • The ride is extremely comfortable and I LOVE the seats. The massaging function is excellent.
  • I am not one to drive aggressively, so I find the acceleration more than adequate. The handling is awesome with almost no body lean in tight turning.
  • The UI is a bit slow, however I think based on the hardware specs this can be cleaned up with updates. Let's hope VW prioritizes this because other EVs have a much smoother UI.
  • I wish there were more tools to judge efficiency. Like Ford's efficiency coach that provides a score based on how you drive. This should be available via OTA.
  • The build quality is quite good. No squeaks or rattles to speak of and I have not been able to find any paint defects.
  • I am not a fan of sunroofs, but I enjoy this one. I really like the open and close controls, definitely feels futuristic.
  • I am a HUGE fan of the lighting on this vehicle.
  • The range has exceeded my expectations so far. I find that the more that I drive it, the less I am concerned with Range Anxiety.
  • I have not found a way to have the dash display the tire pressures. I would appreciate that.

All and all, I would give the car a 8.5 out of 10. I do not regret my purchase and I think VW has a hit on its hands. I originally wanted a Mach-E but found that the ID.4 was better suited to my needs, and also loved that VW Credit passed along the $7500 credit on the lease. Ford does not do that.

If anyone is looking for an awesome deal, Call Brunswick VW in Brunswick, OH. They have several FEs and Pros instock. They treated me awesome with no games.
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Congratulations on purchase and best of luck with your new car.

Actually, I will not be purchasing a new car soon as I picked up a new 2019 Alltrack S last year. My wife's car is a 2016 Audi A6 Quattro. Perhaps the latter will get replaced soon?

I keep researching info on the ID.4 as it seems the best option for us when we do pull the trigger.

I do have some questions/comments;

1. The sunroof is fixed so that should prevent any leaks or creaks that come too often with panoramic sunroofs. How effective is the sunshade? My concern is that there would be too much heat coming into he car during the summer. If so, it could reduce battery range with A/C working harder. On the other hand, more sunlight coming into the car in the winter could extend the range. I am not a big fan of sunroofs as I prefer not to have the sun in my eyes when driving. Hopefully the sunshade is relatively opaque?

2. Many complain that the UI is slow. Perhaps this can be improved with a software update but I doubt it. VW probably needs to use a more powerful processor. Is it always slow or just when "sweeping" through screens?

3. VW generally has good build quality. How does it compare with other VWs? This is something really lacking with Teslas.

4. I am not sure about the ID.4 but my Alltrack has a Think Blue trainer in the car menu to help reduce fuel consumption.

5. If your car can report actual PSI for each tire, it means you have TP sensors in each wheel. Generally, I prefer the ABS based systems that look for a wheel that is spinning slightly faster than the rest to look for leaks. Normally one needs to/ should replace the sensors each time the tires are placed. My exception to the rules is for cars with no spare like my 911. I always drive with the tire pressures being displayed.
I can help with a couple of those!

2.) I imagine this will get improved with OTA updates.
3.) The build quality of the early FE ID.4 I test drove at the dealership was excellent. On par with my current VW. Zero paint defects door misalignments, or panel misalignments.
5.) VW seems to prefer using the ABS Speed Sensor type of tire pressure monitoring. My GTI won't give me instant tire pressures, and I know other VW products are the same.
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