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Mystery part in my cupholder (seat track end cover)

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Does anyone recognize this part? Found it in the cupholder and no one who has ever been in the car either recognize it or have any idea where it came from.

Wood Output device Office equipment Bumper Automotive design
Wood Auto part Fashion accessory Metal Art

Clues, anyone?
Happy to report the car still runs like a top:geek:. Love it!
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Is there a part number on it?
Is this a trick question?
No this is a genuine question. No tricks.
Looks like it might be the front end cap to the seat track as @FinleyFinn suggests. The graphic on the parts site is only suggestive...

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Cover. Track. End. Cap - 8W08813474PK - Genuine Volkswagen Part (

But it's a shared part with other VWG brands:

Genuine Volkswagen Audi - 8W08813474PK - COVER (
This is the part. Exactly. Thank you very much!
How it got to my cup holder is another question but at least its not part of the nuclear reactor core management system which is a relief :cool:

The hunt for an explanation is still afoot. Shall keep this group updated!
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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