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Need advice on a mid-size PHEV

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Those who hate PHEV, please don't post in this thread. No reason to.

I need a mid-size PHEV available in the US that I can drive in town on electric only drivetrain but that can be used as a regular gasoline vehicle for long road trips without having to plan my route ahead of time and having to exclude certain scenic drives due to the lack of charging infrastructure along the way. I need the electric-only range to be at least 40 miles.

My ideal vehicle is the Li L9, but, of course, it's not available in the US. I need the cargo space to have at least 45 cubic feet behind the second row seats. I don't care about the 3rd row either way.

Is there anything remotely close to what I'm looking for? I've run out of options. One vehicle I stumbled upon the other day was the Lincoln Aviator PHEV, but the trim I would consider costs north of $85,000, which is not something I'm prepared to pay for a PHEV with rather short EV-only range at this time. However, it's torque is pretty good, allowing it to do 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, which is very respectable for a gasoline vehicle of that size. I think the Kia Telluride PHEV could fit the bill (price-wise), but it doesn't exist (yet).

Kia Sorento PHEV could be a candidate, but the electric-only range is kind of short (around 32 miles) and it seems kind of anemic to accelerate 0-60. So, I'm still looking.
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If you want on the more manageable size side - there is the Kia Niro PHEV (2023) packed full of utility and tech. There is also the Sportage PHEV and the Sorento PHEV...going up in sizes. All have pretty decent EV only range, packed full of tech, 2 are made in the U.S. and super long warranties. We have a 330e and an ID.4 - IMHO its the best blend for a garage - my commute is pretty predictable and fits within the ID.4 range and I know when I have to be in the office a day before, my husbands can be last minute and is a stretch for the ID.4, so the 330e works perfectly for that use case as well.
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I need the cargo space to have at least 45 cubic feet behind the second row seats. I don't care about the 3rd row either way.

This pretty much rules out everything KIA besides the Sorento PHEV. However, its electric range is barely usable for my use case. I’d like something with over 40 miles of electric range at a mimimim.
I am not sure there is a PHEV of that size that has the amount of usable EV range - it may be a unicorn.
I need 45 cubic feet of cargo area behind the second row of seats.
wait...let me understand need 45 cubic feet of space behind the second row?
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Yes. That and 40 miles of electric range. I don’t seem to be able to find such a PHEV for sale in the US.
Seems like you are either going to have to wait until an OEM comes up with a solution, or relax your demands for the vehicle....because after 87 doesn't appear that there is a vehicle that meets your needs.
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