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Hi, this is my first time posting on the forum although I have been keeping track of it daily. I am excited for my RWD Pro reservation but there is a very important specs that I need to find out if this car will work for me or if I need to cancel my reservation.

I need to fit large items in my trunk as I move a lot of furniture, music equipment, and also outdoor camping gear. I currently drive a 2014 Jetta Sportwagen and it is able to fit everything that I need. When I call VW support nobody is able to give me a straight answer on how big the opening for the trunk is! This is what they provided for me:

37 square inch width for the interior
50 inch width full interior
32 inches height with trunk floor lowered
28 inches height without trunk floor lowered.

They were not able to tell me what these measurements actually meant. What they were measuring, if this was on the inside of the trunk from wheel well to wheel well or anything of that sort. This should be a simple question and a simple answer but I can't get anything useful from VW!!! Does anyone happen to know this info?


If any of you are fortunate enough to see a demo at a dealership coming soon, I do not have any coming to my area and would love if you were able to find this out and get back to me! Thanks so much

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Welcome to the forum Dak EV. Take some time to look around as there really is a wealth of information here, especially considering we US consumers don't even have one to look at in the flesh as yet. The "Popular" thread tab is a good start.
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