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New 6 hour cheap rate charging coming from Octopus UK

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As an octopus user "Go Faster 5H 20:30" I have just received an email from Octopus asking me to sign up for "Early access" to a new electric vehicle tariff.
The new tariff is called "Intelligent Octopus" and gives Six Hours of super cheap electricity from 11:30 pm until 05:30 am at a rate of 5p / kWh.
This might be useful for any high mileage users who find that 4 or 5 hours is not enough to top up the car overnight.

If anybody wants to change to Octopus I would appreciate if you would use my referral code so that we both share £100.

Referral code shown below:
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I know some people on this tariff. It is quite complex and hasn't been plain sailing for them.

First you need to have a compatible car or charger (iD4 isn't compatible 'cos software...). Next you tell the app how much charge you want and by what time (eg I want 80% by 7am) and it allocates the cheapest 30min segments (for Octopus) that achieve the charge you want by the time you want.

However it hasn't been reliable for the people I know. Ie the car didn't charge and they woke up with 20% on a day they were intending to do a long journey.

I'm an Octopus fan though. Go faster 5p 2030-0030 for me. I have 12kWh of batteries in my house that are charged on the cheap rate and tend to run the dishwasher at that time anyway, I also have a storage heater in the garden office that is "charged" on the cheap rate in winter. I used to charge the XC90 PHEV too (that went to WeBuyAnyCar cos it went up £5k since I bought it!), looking forward to charging the iD4 on the 5p rate when it comes...

I'm all up for an "intelligent" tariff where I get more 5p slots in exchange for their timing being varied if I could integrate all my smart plugs to work automatically (not implemented to-date with this tariff). Even then the inverter/charger for my batteries isn't going to be as easy to work with a tariff where the time of the cheap slots changes.
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Looks like your only getting 4 hours 20:30 - 00:30 ? Would it not be beneficial to you to pay the extra .5 p and got for the "Go Faster 5H 20:30 - 01:30! at a rate of 5.5p/kWh ? That's what I use.
Like you say it's no bother to delay dishwasher and some washing until 20:30.
I’ll see how it goes (iD4 doesn’t come until December). I expect to get 100miles in the 4hrs, I rarely do more than 30 miles a day so if it takes a few days to get back to 80% after a long trip it is no bother. I also have excess solar in very sunny weather so that’ll provide some daytime charging on those days in addition.
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