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New Heavy Duty Trunk Liner With CarGo Blocks, $50 (Nor Cal US pickup only)

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I have this ID.4 accessory new that I don't need.

It's probably too big and heavy to ship, but if you're in Northern California and can pick it up, $50 and it's yours. (MSRP is $138+ tax shipping etc).

The mat is thick and protective, and the blocks themselves look like they do a good job of keeping cargo secure. Note this is new and never used by me. We just decided we didn't need it.

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My previous VWs (Jettas and a Tiguan) came with that CarGO liner in the back. I almost grabbed it out of the Tiguan and kept it, but thought maybe the ID.4 would have one in it... The CarGO liner doesn't look dirty as easily, and will contain spills... I believe that they were all the same size, they were very similar at least.
All my previous Golfs (GTi x2, R32 x1 and GSW x1) had this but I didn't pick it up for my Tiguan and totally regretted it. I didn't ask for it on my ID.4 but it was on the sticker and I didn't complain. Great protection from spills and things like water softener salt.
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