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New ID4 owners questions & errors

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Hey y’all I have owned my ID4 pro for about a month and a half. I have a couple questions.

my drivers side rear door doesn’t open from the outside from time to time. I hit the unlock button in the inside of the car and on the key fob and it still won’t open. Is this normal? Am I missing something?

also I have had a series of errors already. Numerous times when I start my car it says something along the lines of fault child lock system. One time I was driving and had like 4-5 errors pop up about all the safety features (lane detection, reverse censors, etc).
I have a level two charger that it stays plugged in over night. Every morning I wake up it’s charged to a different amount. Just throwing numbers out there One morning it will say 88% 180 miles, 100% 226 miles, 90% 190 miles, 100% 219 miles, etc.

I was super hesitant about buying a new model car. I do like the car but I’m worried if I’m having problems already.
Side note I bought the Chrysler Pacifica when it first came out and ended up filing lemon law because I had sooo
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