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Joined today to learn more from you guys in anticipation of getting our new ID.4. We've been driving a pair of 2012 Mitsubishi iMiEV's now for 9 years and I recently sold our 2017 Chevy Volt Premier. Our new VW will be a replacement for the Volt, which we ended up driving very little, but I'm sure the majority of our local miles will still be done in our Mitsu's. They're nimble, light easy to park and you don't worry about door dings at the supermarket - Plus, why put local miles on a $40K car when you have a couple perfectly capable $5K cars which can do all you need?

Glad to be here and really looking forward to owning another VW - Our first one was a 1983 GTI which we fell in love with when we were in Germany, so we ordered one through AAFEES and picked up at the port when we returned stateside

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Hi there. Right across the bay in OS. I’m pretty sure that I bought the first one in the south half of the state .
Tell Marshall hello when you stop by the dealer. He’s a little white haired guy and their ID specialist. I second what color and grade?
Someone else on the coast managed to snag a deal in Pensacola. Theirs was a black First Edition .
Don there is one in Jackson MS. White Pro at MSRP right now.
Let me know how it goes. Have them charge it to 100% because it is a charging desert between there and Gulfport.
Make sure that they don’t add any dealer stuff to it like front license plates or the chrome dealer tags. Unless you want them that is.
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The trailer hitch is one of the reasons that I bought my First Edition. I only keep one decent vehicle and run it at least 7 or 8 years. At least Don probably already had his EVSE set up. I had to get that done about 3 months after my car came in.
Ocean Springs but I am going to be at a continuing education conference Thursday and Friday.
Congratulations anyway. Best color for our climate.
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