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New, Yet NOT New Member in Southern Illinois

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Say, what? While new to this particular discussion group, I have been on VerticalScope car forums and their predecessors since 2003, and was a moderator on Honda Element Owners Club as MikeQBF. I was most (in)famous there for taking oil filters apart for comparison and converting a 5-speed manual transmission to a 6-speed.

I have also tinkered with EVs for about 20 years. Current EV is a 2002 Ford Th!nk Neighbor, a small half-a-car built for one year under the defunct NEV program. These days it mostly hauls lawnmowers between our properties in our small town. It's having controller problems and isn't trustworthy enough for the 5-mile round trip to the grocery store.

Nonetheless, we are here on the ID.x forum because my wife, a classic hippie who actually lived in San Francisco during "the day", sorely wants a Microbus redux.

I retired early - 8 years ago - from a long career in computer systems engineering, with specialties in traffic management systems, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, and GPS tracking systems. This was preceded by an earlier life as a technology manager in the large-scale printing industry. It's been fun, but I'm glad it's behind me. It's time for some real fun.

Current fleet is a 2018 Ford Transit (the big one) and two Honda Elements, a 2003 and a 2008. 200K on both.

Really curious to watch how VWoA is "behaving" with their market conversion to electric; as mentioned in a post a couple of days ago, as a young lad I was burned by serial VW dealers when the Rabbit Diesel was the rage. So I am quite leery that they may not have changed their ways 40 years later, and I'm reading some stuff here already indicative of the same old... stuff. We'll see what pans out.

EDIT: I screwed-up the Element forum link. Bad dog, no biscuit.
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Hey, MikeQBF - I remember you (and your oil filter reviews) from the Element Owner's forum! Alas I dropped off that site when my Element was totalled.

Never expected I'd buy a Volkswagen, I'm usually a Honda or Toyota man but those two are dragging their feet. No real problems with the dealer or the ID.4 yet. Glad to see you here!
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