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Not good news! S-L-O-W

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How much of the problem is with the EA charge station and how much is it with the Mach-E? Or do the two just not play well together? But something is very wrong here.
It sure isn't good news for VW ID4 owners w/3 years of free charging.
How much of the problem is with the EA charge station and how much is it with the Mach-E? Or do the two just not play well together? But something is very wrong here.
Agreed. This shouldn’t have happened, DC fast charging isn’t rocket science. I’ve read a handful of actual user reviews at EA stations in Southern California a while back, and they’re generally fine. The occasional broken system, just like Tesla but possibly more frequent, but charge rates generally seem ok.
It sure isn't good news for VW ID4 owners w/3 years of free charging.
I would think that VW, of all companies, would test their own cars against their own charging network.

We'll certainly find out in a few months.
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For anyone new to EV ownership I recommend PlugShare App. It provide ratings for each charger location which includes level 1&2 and DC fast chargers.

Often people will use the app to say what vehicle charged, when it charged and if they had good luck or not.
I live in a major city and plugshare info about local charging locations is not necessarily current. The reviews can be/frequently several weeks to months old, and the charging may or may not be working. You really need to drive to the location and see for yourself. Hit or miss...
This is about a FORD Mach E, not a VW or Porsche electric vehicle and as such speaks largely to to Ford’s charging capability. The ID.4 can charge at 125 kw and the Taycan can charge at 270 kw. You could use an 150 kw Electrify America charger with the ID.4 and a 350 kw Electrify America Charger with the Porsche Taycan.

The battery and cooling technology in VW and Porsche EVs allows charging without having to slow down at the end like a Tesla. The Porsche Taycan can charge faster than a Tesla:


PlugShare May have outdated info on the current status but it gives you a history of reliability and provides location of all types of chargers. When traveling to areas for vacation it is helpful to see level2 chargers you can charge your car at overnight or during the day.

It is a single resource to view different charge networks and even non-network chargers.
Tom Moloughney recently tested the Mustang Mach-E at an Electrify America charging station:

In the comments, "Pete" asked "Tom, could it be the charger also? I sometimes get different charge rates at different superchargers."

Tom responded: "Not in this case, Pete. These are brand new (installed about a month ago) and it did deliver 150 kW when I plugged in so this was definitely the car dictating the charge rate."

Further down in the comments, Tom stated "
I did say the charging time matches what Ford says it will be 19% to 80% in 45 minutes. I also spoke to Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Motoring, and he said he saw the same thing; the vehicle initially charged at a very high rate, but only for a minute or two, and then dropped down below 100kW for most of the charging. Kyle called Ford and asked them about it and they told him that was correct. I will say that there's a chance it would have held a higher charging rate if I plugged in at a lower SOC, around 20% would have been perfect. In the future, I will do a full 0-80% charge and record it, but I don't know when I'll get a Mach-E next."

There's more in the comments.

I think that in order to get an accurate assessment as to how fast the ID.4 charges at an EA station, we need to wait until someone like Tom Moloughney tests the ID.4 at an EA station.
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One charge at one station is hopelessly inconclusive.

I have a Taycan, and the first time I plugged it in at a EA 350 kW charger in Burbank, I got a charge rate of 30 kW. Yes, you read that right. There was a Mercedes engineer testing a EQC plugged in at the next stall, and he suggested I unplug and try one on the other side, as the charger in question had been delivering unusually low rates. I plugged into a 150 kW charger nearby and got--wait for it-- 150 kW. I've since seen peak rates of 266 kW charging my Taycan, and it routinely charges in the claimed time (22 minutes for 5%-80%). I've also subsequently had some hideously slow charging sessions at EA. The charger and its condition make a huge difference, as does the state of charge of the vehicle, the ambient temperature, the battery temperature at the time the charge session starts...
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There's EA fast charging in a Walmart parking lot about 4 miles away from me(11positions at150KW, 1position at 50KW). A few months ago 8 of those chargers weren't working, and over a 3 month period I phoned EA 6 times and complained about it. It took EA 3 months to get all of those chargers up and running again... 3 whole months to get a contract charger company over there to get those chargers on line up and running. So, what kind of fast charging reliability from EA going forward can a VW ID4 owner expect, even though VW is offering 3 years of free charging to prospective buyers? I don't know...I don't feel good about EA's lazy response. Has anyone else had a similar experience with EA?
All I know is that they don't pick up the phone when I tried to call them about wall chargers. Makes me really concerned as to what the three years of charging will really work like when chargers are not working most of the time.
More Electrify America issues, but maybe a slow charge is better for the battery-pac. That is, if you can get it to charge your vehicle at all?
EA does seem to have some issues, but it also looks like the Mach-e and EA don't play well together. I haven't seen a review that included the ME and EA where they didn't have issues.
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