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Nothing special, just a positive experience post

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Owned the car for about 2 weeks. Today I took it out for a wash and a non-highway drive. Here in New England its cold, so I tried using what some folks suggested - steering wheel heater, seat heat, and I threw in a little foot heat. Worked just fine, so much so that I turned off the seat heat.

Car drives really well on back-ish roads, smooth, quiet and a handles quite well; I haven't yet figured out where the different drive modes are, so its most likely on what ever the dealer set it at.

I was a bit concerned going through a car wash, so I asked the kid; he suggested neutral, so I just put it in neutral and all was fine...cleaned up nice, especially after wiping it down when I got home.

All in all, this is a really fine vehicle; its fast enough, corners well enough, certainly smooth enough, has enough range (even in the cold). I wonder though why the 'mileage' readout has not moved off of 3.2, but I'll figure that out some day.

Thanks : )
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Thanks for the replies; so I did fine the drive modes...seems like comfort is the best fit for now.

Regarding the mi/KWh on the display behind the steering wheel, clicking the ok button worked! Unfortunately, I inadvertently reset everything...oh well.

Really enjoying learning all the features.....
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