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At 2 months old, she’s done a road trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas 4 people and full of luggage. I already replaced a windshield at 7 weeks old, First of 2 ID4’s at work, First of 2 ID4’s on my street. Converted a few EV naysayers, given plenty of test drives and rides. Educated some at new EV owners and EV renters at DC fast chargers. Saved $950 in diesel so far by not driving the Touareg TDI. Long term avg: 3.2mi/kWh, record on 35 mile commute one way 4.6mi/kWh, no climate control about an inch down on all 4 windows at 65 mph in 70 degree weather in B mode. I can count on 3.2mi/kWh every day. No regrets buying my ID4, glad I didn’t cancel my 22 for a 23 as it was one of the last few 22’s out of Germany. Ordered 4-15-22, took delivery 9-15-22, build date 7-12-22, locked 7-13-22. Being on the forum here allowed me to make an informed decision, issues I’d might expect, charging challenges living in an urban environment and some road-tripping.advice. 5000 miles, a lot of fun so far, more adventures to come..
1 - 1 of 26 Posts