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Total newbie when it comes to tires. I usually just get what Tirerack says fits and then look at CR and see what they recommend. So, this thread is great. My AWD is in route and I am thinking about getting winter tires installed as I have in the past with my Jetta. On the Jetta, there were never any issues, but I am not sure here anymore. The OE tires are staggered, but I don't think the ones you are selling are. Any problems with that? Also, are you willing to meet in Buffalo? I am going there from time to time.

Edit: will going to 18 inch tires require recalibration of the camera? Tire/wheel logic - any auto engineers here?
If you choose same revolution tire per mile like the factory tires you have on ID4...there will be no need for recalibration.
1 - 3 of 57 Posts