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I can offer larger combo discounts on the tires in post #1. However, other tire options still allow me to beat Tire Rack's $80 pickup discount. If you'd rather not drive to Delaware or Connecticut to save money picking up your winter set, maybe I'm closer? :)

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My price: $1515.00 + tax

I've also been considering selling the mounted Hankook set as a "floor model" for an even greater discount to clear out some space and kick off the first sale. $1075.00 + tax, one time only. :) The black AE900s just went up in price by ~$10 a wheel, so this will be an unusually low price for a while.
That's a good price for a wheel+tire combo. The Enkei wheels would be much better in quality and performance than the AE.
1 - 6 of 57 Posts