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OBDeleven activation of Dynamic Light Assist for North American ID.4's

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Picked up my 2022 ID4 PRO S AWD a month ago and now that I picked up an OBDEleven module I'm going to work to see if with the current software it is possible to enable the Dynamic Light Assist function found in the rest of the world. There is the work of @dg4prez and others trying to enable this in the general OBDEleven master thread, but it seems like working in another thread until (馃) the procedure is fully figured out.

The information provided by @JimmyVW will be crucial.

Details on how it worked for some Aertons:
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Dg4Prez and I went through a full bit-by-bit compare of the ODB11 backups and concluded you can't get the smart high-beam steering working with the options available in long coding or adaptations.
It seems the hardware and firmware of the led-lights is identical, but the steering option needs a separate software blob loaded into the lights, that simply isn't loaded for the US-spec models.
happy to have another look at a full backup of a 3.1 car, but I honestly have my doubts they'll include the needed bits until there is approval from the relevant US Federal Agency.
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He's talking about matrix lighting. The part numbers for the headlamp modules in at least 2021 1st Edition and 2021 Pro S cars match what's been in EU cars that have matrix lighting. I assume this carried over to 2022 higher end models.
not only the part numbers, also the internal software and hardware revision match. The lights are identical from a software (ROM) and hardware perspective. But if it needs some blob of data in RAM that isn't supplied, the feature won't work...
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@VW TECHNICIAN @Pascal Thanks for the encouragement. It's appreciated.

@JimmyVW Did you and @dg4prez investigate camera module coding during your previous trials? I'd ask @dg4prez but it seems that he hasn't been around on the forum since mid August.
As in tweaking settings or as in retrofitting the module afterwards?
It should be possible somehow because all the necessary parts are there.
K electronic itself sells a ready-made coding dongle to make this work.
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high beam assist isn't the same as the IQ.light smart light thingy though.
This might simply turn high beam off and on, based on traffic, but not turn on that feature that it smartly dims just that part of the road where another car is driving.
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