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Old Ecotality 30 amp EVSE

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Hello - Just bought a 2023 ID.4 Pro S with the SK battery. Back in 2011, through an Ecotality (now Blink) incentive program, we had a 30 amp (WE-30CIRE for the tech savy folks) charger installed for our 2011 Nissan Leaf. I'm charging the ID.4 on the old charger for the first time as I type this. It's slow, but might meet our needs because our daily driving is ~10 miles so we can usually charge overnight once a week.

1. I've seen horror stories about melting plug handles, etc. when using an older charger with a newer car that can draw more power. Everything is nice and cold out in the carport right now, so I'm guessing that the ID.4 onboard equipment senses the charger and accomodates it. I.e., it won't draw more than the charger can handle. Anyone have concerns about using the old charger with the ID.4?

2. What do people think about upgrading to a 48 amp charger? I know to have someone check the wire that was installed from service panel to the existing charger, etc. before installing. Just wondering if the increased speed would be worth the $1000+ total cost of charger and installation.

FWIW, the old charger had some wifi connectivity and a useful LED screen for a couple years. Now the screen is blank and I don't think I'm able to link to it via wifi any longer. But it still "clunks" on when I plug in either the Leaf or the ID.4, so as far as I know it's working.


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