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Hopefully the patience I put in waiting for this update will fix this issue that I randomly saw today with MY21 tonight…along with other random electrical fault, that comes and goes.

-limited travel assist
-front assist is not available
-travel assist is currently not available
-electrical fault. Visit dealer (this one does not allow me to put car into drive until I lock car and reopen again which has happened several times)
-Malfunction in dynamic cornering lighting
-and many others…

If this update doesn’t addressed this issue, will definitely think about bringing up the lemon law to VW Corporate. If my car is not even super old yet and is having all these random sporadic errors, think about what happens once the warranty expires. Anyone else facing these issues or know if this update will fix these issues?

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Those are not software glitches, something is wrong with your car.
Get to the dealer and get it fixed while still under warranty.
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