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Have had my CPO 2021 ID.4 AWD Pro S for 8 days now and have put on ~120 miles so have had some time to get a hang of things. Here are some observations thus far.

- Power is incredible. Just like my E-Golf the lack of ICE noise makes it feel slower than it is and its far to easy to speed in this bad boy.

- Comfortable as heck. VW has always done seats and ergonomics well, I didn't have to fuss around too much with seats, mirrors and steering wheel position to get myself comfortable.

- Handling (see con as well). For how heavy this thing is it handles quite well and drives smaller than its weight and size would suggest.

- Styling. I'm not a fan of 'look at me styling' so just like my E-Golf I like to fly under the radar. The ID.4 follows typical VW styling where it will still look good in 10-15 years or even longer down the road. Good comparison is look at how the 1999-2004 Jetta still appears relatively modern.

- Software. Have not had any real issues but would like some of the features of the 3.1 software like the consumption display on the instrument cluster. How this was excluded from the get go is beyond me.

- Heavy heavy handling. Per handling pro above, while it handles well it still shows its weight. The truffle shuffle after coming to a stop is not very VW. During braking I'm used to just the squat going back up and stopping - the ID.4 jiggles around a bit after the squat rebounds.

- Headlight controls. My commute to work is in lighting on the cusp of auto lights kicking on, my E-Golf I would be able to switch the lights straight off so they wouldn't be turning on/off a dozen plus times in a 15 minute drive. Learned you can't do this in the ID.4 - if you turn them "off" as soon as you accelerate they just flip back to auto so my commute consists of my lights popping on and off every minute or two. Would love off to be a true off.

- Efficiency. I miss the 4.1-4.2 mi/KWH of my E-Golf. For that car being designed for EV/ICE/Hybrid it was efficient as heck. I'm kind of surprised this purpose built EV is ~25% less efficient.


I am still pleased as punch. My E-Golf was my testing of the waters and that car was probably one of the best I have ever owned. My ownership experience with the E-Golf made my ok with going all in on the ID.4. Look forward to 4-5 years of motoring with my 2021.

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How much extra did the CPO set you back?
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