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There's going to be a management shuffle at Volkswagen with Porsche CEO Oliver becoming the new head of VW. The report comes from German outlet Auto Motor und Sport. Hopefully he'll be the one that's able to right all the wrongs that have happened with the development of the ID lineup.

EXCLUSIVE At VW there is a personnel rally on the top positions. Porsche boss Blume is to become VW brand boss, Skoda boss Maier changes to Porsche, VW marketing boss Sengpiehl is about to be fired.

It crunches in the entablature of the largest automobile manufacturer in the world - and so loud that you fear that the whole roof will collapse. How do you feel when you look in the mirror when you let your own company buy you free in the diesel criminal proceedings for a total of nine million euros - and at the same time dare to call for government aid for the automotive industry on television programs?

Porsche boss should manage problems
What is going on in those in charge of marketing who release a Golf VIII commercial that has to accept the accusation of racism? Who is responsible for the fact that the problems with Golf VIII and ID.3, which have long been known internally, do not be solved? But be sat out - with gigantic damage for the entire company including Audi, Skoda and Seat?

Marketing boss before kicking out
VW boss Herbert Diess now looks like a lone wolf, which the works council around chairman Bernd Osterloh relentlessly released for shooting. Whether this is helpful in the matter is very open to question. In any case, the staff carousel is warming up at high speed: Jochen Sengpiehl, as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for the Instagram clip, should be ready to be kicked out. Porsche boss Oliver Blume is said to be appointed as VW brand executive to deal with the dramatic problems with Golf and ID.3. A clever move by Diess, because it gets him out of the line of fire. After all, he is currently responsible for the brand - and with it the entire misery.

Will Maier come to Porsche from Skoda?
With Markus Duesmann as the new Audi chief and - in personal union - the VW group board member for research and development, he has had another man on board since April, whom he trusts and who should play an increasingly important role in the company. Beneficiary of the whole mess? Could be Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier, former Porsche sales manager. He is traded as the successor to the current Porsche boss Oliver Blume. In any case, he has a residence in Swabian, so no problem for Maier.
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