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Pro S Plus MIA

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Does anyone have any insight/guesses/inside information about the status of the Pro S Plus AWDs? My estimated delivery changed from Oct-Nov 2022 to Q1 2023.

I remember reading about the memo to a Canadian dealer about part shortage and delay of production until November, does that apply to US models too? Have any actual Pro S Plus AWD trims even been produced? It's likely the highest margin (in terms of profit) so I would think VW would be prioritizing their production...
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My dealer says my AWD Pro S Plus is now slated for Dec. 12 - Jan 3. We shall see. Ordered in May, Locked in October. Currently status 10. (Tourmaline/Cosmic)
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A month ago my dealer said delivery 12/12-1/3. I asked for an update today and he said “no clue. Still in factory status. No hard delivery date.” (Waiving goodbye to $7500 tax incentive for this year). Wheel of pain still has me at 10. Ordered 5/7.
I guess I will go refresh my reservation a bunch of times between now and the end of the week to see if my AWD Pro S Plus moves at all. It'd be nice to not pay the extra $1500. I reserved in May, not that that means anything in this goofed up reservation system.
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Wouldn't get my hopes up. We have like 6 business days until Jan 4.
Yeah, I know. I also ordered the harder to find Tourmaline Blue so I'm probably not near the front of the line even if they do start making AWD Pluses.
Yup, still got mine in RWD stuck at 10. A few weeks ago my dealer gave me a range of 12/21-1/10 for delivery, and as of a few days ago didn’t have any updated information. I’m not at all optimistic about getting it in that window, and with that I’m probably seeing this BS price hike…
I take everything my dealer says with a grain of salt, but he said I won’t see the price hike since I’m in “factory status”. I’m still at 10 for my Awd plus tourmaline.
yeah, I'm still at 10 so I suppose it's possible. I'll believe it when I see it haha
I’m your reservation twin…5/7 and same colors/trim. I’ll be pulling for you! Last week my dealer gave me another “no clue”.
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I could have sworn that we were moved to a 15-1 in early January for our Pro S Plus AWD Pure Grey, but upon checking last week it says now says 10. Did anyone else experience this change? Ordered in June. Re-adjusted order for 2023 when prompted by VW. Will I ever get to see this car??
You can click on History in the Chrome extension and it'll show if you did toggle back and forth. I've been at 10 since 10/26. With a Pure Gray, I think you have a shot at getting it sooner. It seems they're just making Gray, Red, and Black so far in what I've seen scheduled through the Reservation Assistant.
I jumped ship too. I picked up an unallocated Mach E Premium last week. A thousand dollars less than the AWD Pro S Plus I had on order, all the features minus the heated back seats and parking assist. The uncertainty around the tax credit changing in March and the complete lack of trust that the car I reserved May 2022 would actually arrive by May-June 2023. I haven't cancelled my order out of sheer curiosity of when it'll actually show up plus a promise to my salesman I've bugged a bunch that I'd let it get to him even if I decided I didn't want it. I can let the $500 deposit ride for a few more months.
I just checked, I'm still at 10. Although I'm just lurking out of pure curiosity of when it'll finally show up. I've been driving my "I'm tired of waiting" Mustang Mach E for a couple weeks. My date was May-June, then it moved to March-May but I haven't moved from 10 since October.
Stats say there is a delay / problem with VW shipping these cars.

We test drove and ordered a Model Y on Saturday. With the better range and amazing charger network, I'm fairly certain we are jumping ship. The communication from Tesla has been outstanding, and it's only be 6 days since I ordered. I should have it in less than 50 days.
I test drove a Ford Mustang Mach E Premium and ended up buying it kind of on a whim/moment of extreme frustration with VW. Essentially the same specs as my "its coming November-Feb wait no May-June, hmm maybe March-May" Pro S Plus for the same price ($55k) but in my garage now and no tax credit uncertainty. It's even blue. Great car. Super fun to drive. I haven't let go of my VW May 22 reservation out of morbid curiosity of if it'll ever actually get made. Still at 10 so I didn't get slammed back to 03 like the people theoretically further down the pipeline than me. I also promised my long-suffering dealer I'd let the car get to them in thanks for me bugging them for the last 10 months about its status.
Another one at 10 that didn’t get the note yet. Reserved May 7. I bought a different vehicle last month but if I were legitimately still waiting I’d cancel. I tolerated the bigger wheels and silver accents. I didn’t want them. I wanted the 360 camera. For anyone looking for alternatives, I’m really happy with my Ford Mustang Mach E Premium AWD. It dropped to $55,900 in Feb when Tesla price dropped. Folding mirrors, 360 camera. They removed hands free trunk opening and self park on the 23s but weren’t critical features for me.
May 7, 2022 reservation. Has never moved past 10. I haven't received the "we don't want your business, we're not so secretly hoping you cancel your order since we can't make the car we promised you" email. I moved on in February and got a different EV but have kept my order to help out my dealer. I wonder if the dealer even still wants a Pro S Plus (Minus) to sell. Who is really going to want them? If my date does move to July-December I will probably just cancel. I don't feel like making an interest free loan to VW for a year and a half.
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