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Pro S Plus MIA

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Does anyone have any insight/guesses/inside information about the status of the Pro S Plus AWDs? My estimated delivery changed from Oct-Nov 2022 to Q1 2023.

I remember reading about the memo to a Canadian dealer about part shortage and delay of production until November, does that apply to US models too? Have any actual Pro S Plus AWD trims even been produced? It's likely the highest margin (in terms of profit) so I would think VW would be prioritizing their production...
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Anyone seeing any movements? Looks like it’s at a standstill
Hi, Dealer said my Pure Gray/Galaxy AWD Pro S Plus is on his computer for delivery between Dec 17 and Jan 9. It also said “Draft ETA”, whatever that means. Could be my Christmas present! Hoping so.
My dealer texted me yesterday and said production week of December 5 and delivery 2 or 3 week of January
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Status moved to 10-2. Website shows actual car color and model now


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If we get our VIN before year end and car delivers in January, is anyone going to see if their dealer will do a contract in hopes of getting tax credit?
I won't be. I am hopeful to get our 2023 Pro S before year end. If it doesn't come through, I have options that I can assess at that time.

The way the law is worded, it talks about when the car is "put in service" as opposed to when papers are signed.

Dang it! Ok thanks! We really want the Plus so we shall wait
it looks like one RWD Pro S Plus jumped to 50 in the last 24 hours 😮

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Looks like website is not updating as often
RWD ones are scheduled or in production today
my dealer just gave me an updated estimate ETA of 01/31-02/20. I'm pretty skeptical unless they're about to assign a whole bunch of already built cars to orders, like what happened with the Pro S
Some AWD have started production within the last couple of days
Our ETA narrowed from January-March to February-March
Just joined today but I just got a notification today that my Pro S Plus AWD is being shipped to the dealer. Reservation date 6-28-22 - order requested date 8-13-22 Pure Gray with Black Roof - Black interior. Seems like not many people have gotten a Pro S Plus?

I'm not even sure I want it to be honest at $55,000, interested to see what other people are thinking.
Crazy how they send orders out. We have this same model on order since February
If I decide not to purchase the car is there a way to transfer the reservation or do I just cancel and the dealer does what they want? I’d love to help out someone on the forum if there’s a way to do so. I’m located in CO.
Can’t transfer reservation unfortunately. Just cancel and dealer will sell it
My ETA is February - March still. Fingers crossed
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Does anyone know how often the reservation site is updated? Got the your car is being assembled e-mail almost 2 weeks ago and still sitting at 15-1
Ours went from February-March to March-April
Vin number assigned today! Getting closer
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Did anyone else have their status go from 15-1 back to 03 today (locked)? For some reason, that is what happened to our reservation today. Feeling sad and hoping it is a mistake.
We have two reservations. One is 15-2 and didn’t change. Our 15-1 did go back to 03 as well tho
Back at 15-1 today. Must’ve been a glitch
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Heard that the Plus are being held for a fix for the area view system. Anyone else hear anything similar?
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