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Pro S Plus MIA

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Does anyone have any insight/guesses/inside information about the status of the Pro S Plus AWDs? My estimated delivery changed from Oct-Nov 2022 to Q1 2023.

I remember reading about the memo to a Canadian dealer about part shortage and delay of production until November, does that apply to US models too? Have any actual Pro S Plus AWD trims even been produced? It's likely the highest margin (in terms of profit) so I would think VW would be prioritizing their production...
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my dealer just emailed with a revised ETA of 12/21/22 - 2/8/23, was previously 1/13/23-2/8/23
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I'm still at 10 as well, maybe we'll see some more updates start up again since the website has been updated
I'm with a 10 Nov to Jan, on the site, that after I got an email saying Dec to Feb. I suspect VW just isn't updating these ETAs.
with the reports of lots of cars either showing up or suddenly jumping to 20/30, plus the stats site not showing anything entering production really for weeks I really suspect that's the case. Fingers crossed that means we've all been in production already?
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yeah i’ve been going back and forth on whether to go snag a canceled AWD Pro S or keep rolling the dice, I wanted the Plus and at this point I’ve waited this long, it’s a tough call.
it looks like one RWD Pro S Plus jumped to 50 in the last 24 hours 😮

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haha yeah I haven't been able to find where it is, presumably at 50 it should be showing up in inventory I'd assume.
I think my dealer doesn't really know how to check the detailed production and delivery times since I get a wildly different answer every time I check in with him. Today I got "before February", whereas a few weeks ago it was 12/21-1/8/. But exciting to know they do exist!
the RWD Pro S Plus that was status 50 seems to have disappeared from the stats, not sure if it dropped off as delivered(?!) or it was a mistake that was finally fixed?
interesting no one found it showing up in inventory anywhere as far as I can tell
Stats for individual vehicles are not reported if they haven’t been refreshed within a certain time period (2 weeks I think). I would say it’s likely that particular order reached that point and is no longer included in the stats.
yeah we've seen them put AWD ahead for a while now, I'm skeptical we'll even see any serious amounts of AWD at this point (including mine) before the end of the year hits. definitely sucks
My dealer as of yesterday still says it's likely within January, if that's true I wonder if the Tourmaline Blue ones were in the batch that's already been made and they'll be shipped after the holiday break? Not that there's any rhyme or reason really.
Got my 2023 Pro S AWD. You guys won't miss much with folding mirrors...unless the design is different, it's like 2 inches narrower when manually folded
yeah I've been trying to find any cancelled Tourmaline AWD Pro S but none to be had anywhere nearby so far, otherwise I'm just gonna stick it out most likely at this point
there's a Black Pro S Plus RWD that just jumped to 30-1 it looks like
my dealer just gave me an updated estimate ETA of 01/31-02/20. I'm pretty skeptical unless they're about to assign a whole bunch of already built cars to orders, like what happened with the Pro S
yeah, I'm still at 10 so I suppose it's possible. I'll believe it when I see it haha
yeah I’m still at 10. My ETA from the dealer has constantly shifted so take that for what you will. There was at least one person on reddit that already has a delivered RWD Plus so they seem to be in the wild at least in small amounts already
mine moved as well. I'm probably going to message my dealer again to see if they have an idea (probably not) then maybe start looking for a Pro S on the lot or a different car
Just heard back, my dealer says the car should still be here 2/3-2/23. Obviously I'm pretty skeptical but that'd be great and we'll see I suppose
@pshlax27 From people in the forum, I am not aware of any who have received a Pro S Plus yet (for both AWD and RWD models). According to the stats from the portal, there is now one AWD in stock at a dealer and three in transit to dealers so there are some slowly trickling through production. The RWD is also showing a couple in transit to dealers for the first time.
there are a few who have taken delivery, someone posted pics on reddit of a RWD they got off the lot, and I think someone else said they had an ordered AWD Plus arrive. They're starting to get out there but still rare
it's interesting, it looks like 2 blue AWD's moved to 15-1, and one of them has the same May-June ETA as most of us got bumped to. Mine is still 10 but maybe that means my dealer's ETA isn't that wild, even though I'm still really skeptical. I've gotten on all the dealer's lists for them to call me if someone backs out of a blue AWD Pro S. They do seem to be trickling out very slowly so I'm not sure what to think in the absence of any real communication from VW
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