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Pro S Trailer Hitch wires and holes?

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I have read through a bunch of posts about adding a trailer hitch to the ID.4 but I am confused. I feel like I have seen conflicting info posted.

Does the 21, USA Pro S (not gradient) have holes pre-drilled for a hitch to just be bolted on. Also, does it have the wiring all there as well just waiting to be plugged in to a trailer?

Thank you!
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You can buy the OEM hitch parts from a dealer for $750+. Here are the part numbers and a diagram: 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Hitch plate. MEMBER. Group - 11A803881A - Genuine Volkswagen Part

Or you can get an aftermarket hitch from for about $250. See this thread for someone that just installed the eTrailer one: USA iD4 tow hitch

I also bought the eTrailer one and will be installing it tomorrow. I’m not doing any wiring because I am just using it for a bike rack.
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