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Production Version of Volkswagen ID. Roomzz in China

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A pre-production version of the ID. Roomz was revealed in China recently.
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I don't think this is the ID Roomzz, as this looks like FAW VW version of a 7 seater ID.4 which could be unique to the Chinese market only.
Interesting news though.

So far ID SUV family looks like in China.

ID.4 X (same as global version different bumpers / tailgate)
ID.4 Coupe (to be confirmed)
ID.6 (production ID Roomzz

ID.4 CROZZ (Global version)
ID.4 - 7 seater
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Leaked image. To me something looks off with the head lights.

Looking forward to hoping the ID.6 makes it over to the USA for 2022!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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