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Question About Anyone Using Qmerit to install Electrify Home Level 2 Charger

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Hello all, I purchase a VW ID.4 Pro S back in May and purchase Electrify Home Level 2 Charger. Electrify Home and Qmerit has some type of partnership setup, because as soon as I ordered my charger I got an email from Qmerit. I was wondering if anybody else has used Qmerit? The reason that I am asking is Qmerit came across that they would have several certified electricians with EV Charger knowledge contact you with bids, but in my case I only got one bid. So in my case I did not get the choice of being able to pick from maybe a lower bidding company. This is not a fair practice to the consumer. Also they lead one to believe that it is best to hire a certified electrician with EV Charger knowledge, which I am learning it is not true, as any certified electrician would be able to do the same thing, which mean that you would be able to get bids from two or three companies. So chime in with any thoughts or input.
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It is probably best to get several estimates because they will likely vary widely. Any licensed electrician will be able to do the installation. Good luck!
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