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Questions about the ID.4 battery capacity and cold weather

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So I'm a new EV owner, having purchased the ID4 Pro S in July. I love driving the car and everything about it except for the lack of range and the shortage of fast chargers in my region. There's only one EA charging station in the entire state. Hopefully more are on the way. I digress...

During warmer weather I could charge the battery to 80% and the range indicator said that the range was about 230-240. Now the weather is changing in the Upper Midwest and I took a short road trip to a location where I left the car out overnight for 4 nights without driving it and the temperatures dropped into the mid-to-low 30s. On my return trip, a charge to 80%, which took about the same amount of time as it did during the summer months, only got the range indicator to 160-175. I got it home to my garage where the car is charging in a partially enclosed area (warmer than outside, say around 60 degrees) and it doesn't seem to have improved. Does anyone know how long does it take for the effects of being outside to normalize once I return it to the garage? Is this dramatic change something I can expect for the entire winter (and for it to potentially get worse), or am I doing something wrong?
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A 30% loss of range isn't that unexpected with an EV during cold weather.

As for how long your battery will take to return to normal. That might take several days, the battery has a lot of mass and thermal inertia. Once it warms up it will behave as before.
Range is based on recent driving - I highly doubt sitting in a warm garage is going to affect it.
Let's be very specific with our language which will help with understanding how it works.

Range estimate is based on recent driving and the efficiency achieved during those drives.
Actual range is impacted by current conditions and how you drive, not past driving or conditions.

The range estimate may or may not be representative of what is achievable when you set off.

That said I have found that the ID.4 range estimator (or guess-o-meter) to be pretty accurate. On a recent 150 mile trip the miles driven compared to the reduction in miles matched very closely, just 3 miles off from reality. It underestimated range by 3 miles.
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