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Rainy Day Strange Noise

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I was out recently on a day with heavy rain. I heard the normal sound of rain on the glass and metal parts of the car. But I also heard an intermittent sound that I can best describe as someone hitting a hollow block of wood with a wood stick. It was a kind of "plopping" sound.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Perhaps it is coming from big raindrops hitting a piece of plastic trim. I cannot isolate where the sound is coming from within the vehicle.

The sound can be heard in the following video:

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I know the sound you're talking about! It's such an odd sound in a car.

I'm 90% certain it's the plastic section just in front of the roof rails. Tap right in front of the roof rails with a fingernail.
I just went out to the car and tapped on the area you are talking about. That could very well be what it is. Thank you for the suggestion.
I have heard a strange knocking noise, but I don't think it was during the rain. We were on the highway it kind of sounded like a rapid tapping/knocking--I thought it was one of my kids in the back doing it, but it wasn't. And I've heard it randomly once in a while since. Don't know what it is, but it does sound like it comes from the front windshield area.
it's such a weird noise. surprised the hell out of me the first time i heard it.
It sounds like the touch screen noise on the infotainment screen.
During my 60 day checkup on my ID.4 Pro S, we were able to reproduce the sound by tapping on the metal/plastic plate just in front of the roof racks and behind the windshield. The sound is exactly what I was hearing when it was raining hard. The service manager and I went to the demo ID.4 and were able to reproduce the sound there as well. I guess this is a feature of the vehicle.
I was starting to think I was going crazy. Glad I'm not the only one hearing it. At first, I thought something was dripping inside the car,
BILL: I also originally thought that there was a leak in the car.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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