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Rear-view camera to augment/replace rear-view mirror

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We've gotten in the habit of transporting our dog in a passenger seat carrier. It's tall and opaque, leaving just a sliver of visibility for the rear-view mirror. I've rigged a Fresnel lens to the hatch window to at least let me see what is close in to the car, but it is far from an adequate solution. I'm assuming that the situation will be no different or worse in the id.4. I'm intrigued with the idea of using a rear-view camera in place of a rear-view mirror. Something like this would seem to be on target but a.) expensive and b.) does not support HomeLink: Gentex GENFDM3LN Rear-view mirror with display for included rear-view cam at Crutchfield

This is not an id.4 specific question but this forum is filled with adventurous and talented people. Maybe someone has some insight, experience or advice?
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