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19" Tires (Aug + delivery)

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Recent Delivery 19" Tires (US)?

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Hey folks,
for those who have had recent deliveries (basically since summer break), what tires have been coming on the 19" wheels?
Are they still coming shod with Hankook Kinergy EV, or has it shifted over to Bridgestone Alenzas?
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Yeah, but not the EV specific tires. And I'm not about to shell out $1200+ to replace brand new tires just to get the hankooks, I'm sure we'll be fine with the car when it arrives.
Back to back test drives way back in the spring had us much happier on the 19's with hankooks than the 20s with Alenza, so let's hope most of that comfort and quieter ride was down to wheel size (though I know that's not the whole story)
Wheel size is the biggest factor for comfort IMHO. It's why I didn't get the gradient package, I didn't want the lower profile of the larger wheel. My wife was disappointed the car didn't come with the silver accents, I pointed out the comfort is felt from the inside while driving, however you can't see the silver when driving!!
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Yup... That's why we found a dealer who will swap the wheels for us, and so we ordered 2 :)
Now if only we had a train tracking resource as robust as our transatlantic shipping expertise, haha.
Train tracking and transporter tracking lol.
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