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Regular AWD vs GTX Model

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Has there been any definitive word from VW on the difference between the AWD spec ID.4 and the GTX? I find the GTX perplexing because it doesn’t seem to offer any additional performance over the regular AWD model, at least in terms of horsepower/torque/acceleration.

Is it possible they are just going to be badging the AWD model as the GTX or is this for sure a stand alone performance variant?

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There is a forum sub-section here where we have been showing and discussing all the words from VW:
GTX forum
Short answer: its the Non-US name for the AWD, and it includes a few high end options that were in the RWD max. trim that we don't get in the US yet and some special seat and interior colors and badges.
Mostly chrome differences. GTX is VW's European branding for AWD. Personally, I'm opting for AWD with the 19s - smaller diameter rims = higher efficiency (not to mention less pinch flats). In fact I'm considering going with balloon tires and 18s at some point (again - in the name of efficiency).
Are there any driving reviews of the GTX yet? I have not come across any.
I'm not aware of any reviews yet however the specs look good. I expect the AWD version we get here will be the same minus the GTX-specific chrome differences (e.g. wheels, colors, etc.) This means 0-62 mph time of 6.2 seconds and a top speed governed at 112 mph. Not bad.

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